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Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

Hyaluronic Acid~What Is It? 

I’m so happy to have come across this amazing anti aging molecule called Hyaluronic Acid. The word passed me by quite a few times without me paying much attention. Until one day I decided to find out what the hype was all about. Just reading a little bit about it I knew right away that I wanted to make some as soon as I could and would definitely make it available in my Etsy shop. So now after a bunch of research I’ve put my orders in and I’m about 2 weeks to a month of making this wonderful serum. UPDATE: It's now available to order here [Timeless Infusion~Quench Your Skins Thirst]

I honestly can’t wait to try it and see if it really does what it says. I’m really committed to making natural, safe and effective anti aging skincare. As we get older we start to lose the protective barriers that keep our skin plump, glowy and wrinkle free. I know for most of us we want to keep a younger appearance as long as possible and if you look good you feel good.

So what is it? Hyaluronic Acid is a sugar molecule substance that is naturally present in the body. It’s main purpose is to keep your skin well hydrated by pulling water from the air and sucking it into your skin like a sponge. It has the ability to retain water and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. This sponge effect restores skin to its fuller, youthful appearance by providing a moisture-filled cushion between cells, joints and tissues. HA holds 1000x it’s weight in water and has many benefits other than rapidly making your skin look and feel more youthful. It’s also a free radical scavenger and has anti-inflammatory properties that promotes healing within cells. An extremely important function within our cells is to have essential nutrients delivered and have proper waste removal from our cells. The increased water content in our skin helps to facilitate this normal function.

 Some of the benefits include

Plumps fine lines and wrinkles!  
Repairs the barrier of our skin
❤️Eradicates free-radical damage
Smooths and softens skin.
Increases elasticity! Heals damaged tissue. Protects from UV rays ( ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, that is also referred to as photoaging. approximately 80% of premature aging of the skin is attributed to UV exposure in which significantly reduces HA in our skin. )

Further research into HA I discovered that there is a couple of different forms it comes in. A high molecular weight that is a larger molecule which is too big to penetrate deep into the skin and does it's magic more on the surface giving immediate and exciting results including plumpness and smoothness.

The other form of HA is a low molecular weight that penetrates deeper into the skin for more long term results. It is important to know roughly how low the molecular weight is. Between 50-1000 Kda is good but if the lower molecular weight is around 130 Kda it's considered the best for skin. Some people have experienced inflammation and redness from HA use which is most likely caused by the molecular weight being far too low or/and not using it properly, which I mention below. The molecular weight refers to its mass, or how big the HA molecule is. This is measured in something called unified atomic mass units — daltons, or kDa for short. So in this case, size does matter!

With all the information I’ve gathered so far I’ll be making my HA serum with high and low molecular weight combined in order to experience fast results but also long term. I’ll also be adding extra hydrosol for an extra boost and a natural preservative that will extend the shelf life to about 3 months but I highly doubt it will last that long. One thing I have to mention before wrapping this up is the extreme importance of using HA serum properly. Use it correctly or it could cause your skin to be very angry with you. Don’t make the mistake of using it alone. It’s a must that you use it under a layer of moisturizer or face oil. Apply it to clean, slightly damp skin then top it off with your nutrient rich moisturizer to lock it all in. It’s also important to not let the dropper touch your skin while squeezing it out. Once my serum is made, I’ll be making an instructional video to show just how easy it is to apply to your skin.

I believe this HA serum will be the perfect addition to my Timeless Infusion anti aging skincare set which includes an all natural extremely effective, amazingly hydrating nutrient rich cleanser and moisturizer that you can find in my Etsy shop. If you’re already using the Timeless Infusion regimen then adding this HA will be the perfect addition for quicker and even healthier results.

There is so much you can learn about Hyaluronic Acid so please don’t just stop here. It’s also a great supplement for a variety of ailments, for humans and pets. I suggest looking further into it as well so you can make better informed decisions for yourself, especially if your skin is compromised. Not to scare anyone off because HA is very beneficial and very good for your skin. But you might find that perhaps you’d be more comfortable using just a low molecular weight or just a higher molecular weight alone. I’ve decided to combine the two just because it makes more sense in my opinion. I would have to write a book about this stuff but I hope I covered some of the most key importance on how HA works topically and I hope you’ll try my HA serum out and it proves beneficial! Happy skin Happy life!