Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

How To Make Green Tea Infused Face and Body Moisturizer

This is a simple recipe and good for beginners. The ingredients include all organic botanicals but all natural is good too as long as you trust the source. Green Tea helps tighten and repair your skin on a cellular level. For anyone that is looking for a moisturizer that repairs your skin and that will make your skin feel amazingly supple. You might want to give this one a try.

You can substitute almost every ingredient and just experiment which is fun ūü•≥

You Will Need

1 TB Loose green tea or a single packet

.25 oz Beeswax or Vegan wax like Candelilla ( measured by weight )

1 oz or 2 TB Sweet Almond Oil ( or carrier oil of choice )

1 oz or 2 TB Coconut Oil

1/4 TS Rosehip Seed Oil 

7-10 drops Vanilla Essential Oil 

3 drops Vitamin E Oil


A deep glass measuring cup like a purex 

An electric whipper 

A make shift double boiler 

A kitchen scale

Fine mesh sifter 

Gently melt the beeswax in the almond and coconut oil

Add the green tea and let steep for 15-20 mins

Strain through a fine sifter into a glass measuring cup 

Add the rest of the oils, Rosehip, essential oil and vitamin e

Whip it up until room temperature and the right consistency 

Pour it into your container ( makes about 2 ounces )