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100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

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Soap Making Process

My Little Natural Soap Making Journal

2016~ Making natural soap bars is something I never thought I’d be doing until one day, as I was researching natural homemade skincare products, I stumbled across some “how-to” articles on the internet. It peaked my interest, so I figured I’d try it out.

My daughter and I visited a natural soap making supply store and the owner let us sit and watch a live tutorial. Afterward, we bought all the materials we needed and decided to attempt to make our first batch at home. We didn’t have the moulds we wanted at the time, so we used a silicone bread pan. I think the soap turned out alright for our first time and we gave them away for Christmas. It was so much fun!

I love making soap and I couldn’t wait to make more. So, about 6 months later, my daughter and I made our second batch with the moulds we wanted. This time, it went a lot smoother and I can see once you become more comfortable and confident with what you’re doing, it can be an enjoyable and addictive hobby.

Soon after I attended a class, which was a great idea because it gave me way more confidence in the whole process.  So far I have made the Celtic designed Lavender and Peppermint and the Vanilla Spice soap bars.  The most recent batch that I just made the other day is a face and body soap formulated for acne-prone skin, made with Active Charcoal and Tea Tree with Lavender. Buy it in my Etsy Shop. It was the first time I tried the swirl technique and love how it turned out. They just started curing and will be ready in approximately 5-6 weeks. 

Learn how to make a wooden soap mould

2018~ Once I had settled into my new house I was so excited to start making soap again. I started with making my own wooden soap moulds again, that I had learned how to make a couple of years prior. I had also taken up the hobby of wood-burning, it was fun while it lasted. So I would decorate my moulds and make them pretty.

Check out the gallery below 

At this time I had re-opened my old Etsy shop and re-named it, Serenity Lather. Unfortunately, this didn't last long. Although I love making soap and always will. there were some unprecedented circumstances that ultimately took priority. So I once again closed the shop. 

It's 2020 now and because handcrafting natural soap is such a passion of mine, just as much or more than making anything else, I will be making them again. Just as I knew that one day I'd be getting back into making natural skincare products after I had to take a very long break from it, and here I am, beginning again. Never give up! 

I recently just opened my new Etsy Shop, Peaceful Blend. I have one listing so far, for natural re-mineralizing toothpaste. I'm currently waiting for ingredients so we can add Happy eyes, Calendula salve, lip balms and eventually soap bars.