Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

Peaceful Blend

100% All Natural and Pure Botanical Blends

Orange Sweet Citrus & Licorice Mint ~ Free Bamboo 100% Biodegradable Toothbrush Included!

Re-mineralize Your Teeth With Earth Paste

There are many different ways to make your own toothpaste and they’re usually pretty simple to whip up, depending on your preference and what ingredients you have on hand.

In 2015 I started out making homemade toothpaste with Coconut oil and Bentonite clay. The recipe is quite simple. Bentonite clay is fantastic but I now use Kaolin clay which is much gentler and safer if you have fillings. I also use less essential oils than previously, just for the fact that simpler is usually better, also with further studies about clove essential oil I learned that it is indeed very beneficial for your mouth but more on a use-as-needed basis.

I buy a premixed powder and gel blend for the one you can purchase in my Etsy shop. Sourced through a local natural bath and beauty supplier, that supplies botanicals and containers for people that want to make their own beauty products to either sell or for personal use.

If the base is coconut oil, it does have an oilier texture and will melt or harden depending on room temperature, but doesn’t alter the properties at all. If you’d like the more gel-like consistency, you can buy vegetable glycerin, licorice root and myrrh gum extract separately and just simply blend together the amount you want for the base.

You can also buy the powders (calcium carbonate, baking soda and chicory root) separately and blend together equal amounts. You can add a little liquid Stevia for a natural sweetener. It comes in different flavors, which is nice. I like the root beer one. But I do find the essential oils provide enough flavor on their own. The rest of the ingredients include Bentonite Clay, Trace Mineral and six Essential Oils, ( Clove, Peppermint, Myrrh, Spearmint, Cinnamon & Sweet Orange ) This blend is truly a powerhouse of whitening, re-mineralizing, protecting and amazing strength builder for your teeth and gums.

Benefits: ~Whitens teeth ~ Freshens breath ~ Re-mineralizes tooth enamel ~ Repairs cavities ~ Antibacterial ~ Pain relieving and prevents cavities by strengthening tooth enamel, removing bacteria, and changing ph

Why Bentonite or Kaolin Clay? Benefits Of Earth Clays

Clay absorbs the bad stuff and removes it from your body. It’s actually nature’s detox agent. People (and animals) ingest clay for an internal cleanse. It enhances gum repair. Also, using clay will decrease cavities by increasing the re-mineralizing of the teeth. Clay can do all of those things because it is jam-packed full of nutrients and negatively charged ions that truly clean your teeth.

Why I chose these 6 essential oils:

Cinnamon essential oil~Cinnamon has long been used for its medicinal properties, specifically its antifungal, antibacterial properties. Recent research conducted in New Zealand showed that cinnamon EO has the greatest antimicrobial potency against streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, and lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible for gum disease. Pretty impressive!

Peppermint essential oil~Researchers have found that the Peppermint EO is extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, the type of bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment such as the mouth, and can cause gum disease.

Spearmint essential oil~Spearmint EO properties are very similar to that of Peppermint EO: it is a strong antiseptic, eliminating germs and helping any wounds heal more quickly. It is also soothing to soft tissues like gum tissue.

Myrrh essential oil~Myrrh EO acts as both an antiseptic and a soother. For this reason, it has traditionally been to support gum health and to heal mouth ulcers. Myrrh EO may also assist gum tissue health by supporting the flow of blood to the tissue.

Clove essential oil~Clove EO has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to relieve tooth pain. Clinical research demonstrated that clove inhibits many pathogenic bacteria. In the past, dentists have used clove to disinfect disturbed root canals, since clove has moderately strong germicidal properties. A recent study showed that Clove EO has a particular ability to inhibit the growth of mutant and wild strains of bacteria, which is just fascinating.

Sweet Orange essential oil~Beside its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it works great in toothpaste to help whiten teeth. Kids also love the flavor.

The Benefits of Re-mineralization

There has been some controversy over whether teeth can re-mineralize or not. Most dentists will tell you that enamel can’t be restored once it is gone and that the only way to fix a cavity is to drill and fill. Just as any other part of the body can heal itself when the diet is improved, teeth are no exception. Teeth can be effectively healed when diet is optimized, and Dr. Weston A. Price noted clear differences in native populations depending on their diet. One mom even documented how she recently reversed her son’s cavity through dietary changes. While diet will help improve the internal factors that strengthen teeth, a re-mineralizing toothpaste will give the mouth minerals to strengthen the outside of the teeth.

A natural re-mineralizing earth clay toothpaste can provide you with a healthier mouth and peace of mind.